When called to the Blank Spaces

I’m just gonna be real, having a blank calendar causes all sorts of issues for me. I feel lost and although difficult to admit, often times unimportant. Having blank space on my calendar actually causes me anxiety and I am not quite sure what to do with myself during those times. You see, my nature is that of a list maker, a planner and as strange as it may seem I work best in the midst of chaos. I actually tend to function highly in stressful situations and reality is something inside me thrives on the craziness that a jam-packed calendar produces. Sure, a free night or weekend is most welcomed here and there…but what I am talking about is when you are in a season where God will not allow you to fill your calendar for months and in my case over a year, no matter how desperately you desire to. Continue reading

Names of The Father and The Son

You will see in my posts that I do not use the title God/Lord for The Father or the name Jesus for The Son. First let me state that I am NOT a part of the Hebrew Roots/Sacred Name movement or any other cult, denomination or sect that tends to go to extremes and place themselves in bondage by practicing something that resembles Judaism. I am simply a disciple of Messiah who desires to worship Him in spirit and in TRUTH. I am on a continuous journey, searching to understand more of the pure gospel, without the perversion of those that want nothing more than to blot out His name and lead us down a path of pagan and Babylonian religion.  I continue to ask The Father to lead me, through His Spirit to the truth daily and He is forever faithful to teach me. It is also important that I say up front, I am in NO way saying that if you were saved by calling on the name “Jesus” (as I was) that you are not truly saved for The Messiah knows your heart and your relationship with Him is what is imperative. We are all at different places in our journey for truth and many have come before us who were great men and women of Elohim who used the name they knew, which was Jesus. Knowing and using the true covenant names is a personal conviction of mine now that the Holy Spirit has shown me truth. Please pray to The Father for what He would have you do to honor Himself and His son, Messiah. 

For years I have known that the Son of the Most High’s name could not truly be “Jesus” as that is an English name and common sense would say that when He walked this earth, his family, friends and disciples did not call Him by that name, for He was a Hebrew from the tribe of Yahudah/Judah. Continue reading

Not My Own

Not My Own – 

Here am I, send me
An empty vessel,
Surrendered knee

To use for your purpose & your plan
No selfish desires, no scheme of man

Everything I have belongs to you,
I desire nothing but your will to do

All that I am and all I want to be
You accomplished upon that tree

As blood ran down your sinless face
You suffered and died to take my place


May you be glorified in me
I pray it’s only you they see

My life is yours, please have your way
No matter what the world may say

I yearn to see the way you do
To love like you, no matter who

To believe, to pray, to forgive, to wail
Knowing without your Holy Spirit, I will fail

My life on earth is not my own
I’ve exchanged it for a heavenly home

Because you died so I may live
My breath, my all…to you I give

© Misty Black

The Sensual Invasion

Re-posted from Beth Cavete

The other day, I heard a beautiful worship song. It was penned by a brilliant songwriter, known the world over. It displayed the poignancy that brilliant songwriting does, that seemingly casual ability to hit on a tune so simple as to be unforgettable, and yet somehow so superior that most of us could never come with anything half as good. It was gorgeous.

Its lyrics were intimate and personal, and yet so unpretentious. They called out, “My sweet Lord, my sweet Lord…” with a humble and heartfelt yearning, real praise and a sense of adoration. That phrase was repeated over and over, and then the yearning expanded with a real cry, “I really want to know you!

Slain in WHAT Spirit?

Most people do not realize that the practice of being “slain in the spirit” has been around since at least the end of the 18th century.  For many years, it has been a common occurrence around the world and is most popular among the Charismatic movement. Those that practice it believe it is a move of the Holy Spirit and they attempt to defend this belief with scriptures they claim show it was even practiced throughout the Bible itself.

This practice has been endorsed by popes/catholics and other pseudochristian organizations (which should be a red flag when those that worship another Jesus claim to have the same Spirit). It is interesting to note that to be “slain” is to be killed, destroyed, extinguished, etc.  As believers, we are supposed to die to self/sin daily. If we belong to Christ we have crucified the flesh that produces sinful fruit Galatians 5:24. We also know that God’s word says those who are born again will never die (spiritually) John 11:26.  So, why on earth would we feel the Holy Spirit would want to kill (slay) us spiritually?  Even if not taken by the literal definition of ‘killing’ why would He embarrass, humiliate, and injure those who are coming to seek and learn from Him?  Of course the answer is that he wouldn’t! The Holy Spirit would never cause this type of behavior to manifest.  So, why does it happen? The reason is because the spirit in operation is not the Holy Spirit.

Continue reading

Yoga by any other name…

It has become commonplace to hear the terms “Christian Yoga”, “Holy Yoga” and I have even heard “Yoga for Jesus”. It seems it’s been all the rage for a while now, cool and hip to be a part of a yoga class. Yet, I would venture to say most people, including Christians have some knowledge that yoga is a practice derived from eastern religion.  In fact, I’ve heard a lot of believers saying things in defense like“Oh, I am just doing the movements….it’s just stretching.  I am not participating in the ‘religious’ aspect.”  But can one really separate the two – the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga? Continue reading

Awaiting His Return

Awaiting His return

Will He find you busy
When He comes to gather His bride

Or will He call you wicked
Full of selfishness and pride

He says give unto the poor and needy
For in this, you love Him too

Will you obey His greatest command?
For it’s up to you to choose

Indeed it matters what we do
In the here and now

For will your hands be idle
Or firmly grasping at the plow?

He gives us many lessons, in His Holy Word
But they are all unavailing; if in them we do not learn

The time is near, we must prepare
Our homes, our hearts, our land

Fear shall not overtake us
We find protection by His hand

© Misty Black 2014