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What are we teaching them?

It seems we are living in a society where anything goes.  Ways of life that used to not be, must now be accepted or we run the risk of being labeled judgmental, discriminating, critical and so on.  We are the minority, the “feather rufflers” if we speak out against something that could teeter on the line of being a sensitive issue or too political. Instead we as Christians are told more times than not to keep our religion or our God out of the discussion.  Somehow we get bullied into thinking we can’t speak out against injustice or speak the truth of God’s word when we see immoral acts and teaching all around us.  We have learned to keep silent to avoid causing a stir or evade confrontation.

On heavy issues, such as abortion I hear a lot of  “Oh I am pro-life, but I don’t actually want to DO anything to end abortion OR “I would never choose abortion, it doesn’t affect me so it’s someone else’s issue.” It’s true, maybe you haven’t been personally affected by abortion (chances are you have and you just don’t know it).   Continue reading