The Awakening

My journey on the quest for truth started in 2012. My husband’s eyes were opened before mine and he began to share with me little by little the truth he was learning about the world we live in and think we know. Being fully aware of my obsessive researching tenancies, he knew I would easily be overwhelmed if given too much information at one time. And I admit at first, most of what we were uncovering was next to impossible to believe or even comprehend as truth. There are just things as citizens of a free country generally known as a “Christian Nation” we want to believe, history we have been taught starting well before our generation. Beliefs and ideas that have been ingrained in us from our family and society as a whole. Things we assume are facts simply because…well, we were taught they were and honestly we WANT to believe them because any opposing view would be simply preposterous. The thought that we had been deceived about the world as we knew it, I admit was a fearful one. And let’s be honest, does anyone living in deception realize (and/or admit) they are in fact being deceived?

So, we began to both earnestly pray daily for God to continue to open our eyes. To let the scales fall and that we would see clearly and know the truth about these things and anything else for that matter. Our deepest desire at that point became to walk in truth according to God’s word. Even if it meant dealing with facts we knew may be extremely difficult to accept. Even if it meant giving up everything we thought to be truth and “starting over” learning as a babe….from the beginning. Well…you know the old cliché “Be careful what you ask for”, that certainly applied in this situation because boy were we ever bombarded with the truth from every angle and in more ways than we were honestly prepared for or even knew how to comprehend with our flesh. But God was honoring our prayer to know the truth and we trusted in His word that declares, the truth shall set us free – John 8:32.

This journey began with finding truth about our world, our government and our society as a whole which quickly lead me to the uncovering of the many deceptions in the ‘church’ among those who proclaim to be followers of Christ. What seemed like overnight, I was completely overwhelmed since my eyes were newly being opened and I was not used to the cold harsh reality that deception lurked around every corner. It was becoming more crucial than ever that we must test ALL spirits to see if they are of God. 1 John 4:1-6. Very early on, the Lord spoke to my heart that not only He showing me truth, but I had to share it with others! There were people in my life that were specifically involved in some of the deceptions that I was learning about at that time and I knew, that I knew, that I knew, I had to expose them to these people. Now, being someone who by nature fears confrontation and has a tendency to be a “people pleaser” this was excruciatingly difficult for me. But, I also knew I had to obey the Holy Spirit regardless of how difficult to my flesh and through dozens of tearful cries to Him, I begged for strength and courage to do so. Unfortunately, the first friend I had to share with was not open to the truth and it ended our friendship almost immediately. Shortly after this first encounter, it was as if I was getting a crash course in learning to hear God’s voice and testing of my obedience. Confirmation was coming at me like darts, everywhere I turned God was showing me (and my family) that we were in the midst of deception at our very own church and once again, we had to expose it. Unfortunately, although my husband and I handled each step Biblically the leadership was not open to hearing the truth and we were both left devastated. I left our meeting in disbelief and tears and my husband experienced emotional destruction by the very people that we considered our ‘shepherds’. We left the ‘church’ (building and institution) that night, knowing we would never be back…..but not knowing how much more there was to come.

This was truly only the beginning of the beginning… we were about to become painfully aware of the very depths of deception in our world on a multitude of levels. How the truth that would be uncovered regarding who really controls the world and the spiritual deception in the ‘church’ are actually tied together in a never ending cycle of lies propagated by the evil adversary himself, since the very moment of his exile from Heaven. To be real…there have been days of depression, complete overload of information, sadness, anger and times when I wish I just didn’t know the truth. It is lonely, the loss of friends and family is not easy. It is hard to continue when it seems nobody listens, as if what we share falls on deaf ears and blind eyes. We have been labeled extremist, conspiracy theorists and we are very far from the “norm” of everyone around us (other ‘Christians’ included). But part of learning the truth is simply not being able to ignore the conviction of the Holy Spirit.…you have to say “No” a lot.

But, in these times I am reminded that narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there will be that find it. (Matthew 7:14). And that we are not to be conformed to this world, but transformed by the renewing of our minds, that we may prove what is the good, acceptable and perfect will of God (Romans 12:2. It is the truth of God’s Holy Word that gives me strength to press on, knowing there is a greater purpose and reminding me that He, Yahusha-Jesus is returning soon for His spotless bride and we have a job to do.

You will see my ongoing research and findings unfold through this blog. I am truly still in the midst of this journey and I am aware there is enormous amounts of truth I have yet to uncover. Because of that, some thoughts may even change as more is uncovered or realized. With the Lord’s help, as I continue to ask Him to reveal truth I have learned to accept the path that He has set before me. He is faithful and more than sufficient to provide all that I need (and more) to continue and obey His instructions.

I gather that if you are visiting this blog, we may share the same desire, although it may look a little different, and that is to walk in the truth of God’s word. My prayer for this blog is that as the truth is spoken the Lord may be glorified and readers are encouraged, edified and inspired to dig deep into His word to find it.

May God bless you as you seek the truth!

In Truth and Love,

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