Slain in WHAT Spirit?

Most people do not realize that the practice of being “slain in the spirit” has been around since at least the end of the 18th century.  For many years, it has been a common occurrence around the world and is most popular among the Charismatic movement. Those that practice it believe it is a move of the Holy Spirit and they attempt to defend this belief with scriptures they claim show it was even practiced throughout the Bible itself.

This practice has been endorsed by popes/catholics and other pseudochristian organizations (which should be a red flag when those that worship another Jesus claim to have the same Spirit). It is interesting to note that to be “slain” is to be killed, destroyed, extinguished, etc.  As believers, we are supposed to die to self/sin daily. If we belong to Christ we have crucified the flesh that produces sinful fruit Galatians 5:24. We also know that God’s word says those who are born again will never die (spiritually) John 11:26.  So, why on earth would we feel the Holy Spirit would want to kill (slay) us spiritually?  Even if not taken by the literal definition of ‘killing’ why would He embarrass, humiliate, and injure those who are coming to seek and learn from Him?  Of course the answer is that he wouldn’t! The Holy Spirit would never cause this type of behavior to manifest.  So, why does it happen? The reason is because the spirit in operation is not the Holy Spirit.

The truth is people want so badly to ‘feel‘ something. They want to believe they are becoming ‘more spiritual’ and they are ‘experiencing God’ more than those that are not receiving this manifestation. They come to church service, conferences, revivals, etc. expecting to be dropped on the floor by what they believe is the Holy Spirit.  They see everyone around them doing it, so they want it too…the power. They believe it, they desire it.  More and more today, we see the desire for “signs” from the Lord; however, Jesus said that demand comes from a wicked and adulterous generation  (Matthew 12:39). We are admonished to be sober and mindful of what’s going on at all times. Not to empty our minds or stop praying and just wait for a spirit to take over (Luke 21:36, 1 Peter 1:13, Ephesians 6:18).

Let us not forget, God is not the author of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33) and likewise we are supposed to do everything with decency & in order (1 Corinthians 14:40).  This is clearly contrary to those being ‘slain in the spirit’, being strewn all over the place, not able to get up on their own sometimes for several hours at a time. The Holy Spirit doesn’t move people to behave like animals, cluck & cackle, or disrupt what is supposed to be a holy assembly of His saints. All of this hysteric activity actually takes the focus from God and puts it onto the person performing. They may come genuinely seeking the Lord and the power of the Holy Spirit but in the end, they end up seeking the emotional sensation from that person (the man/woman laying hands, etc).

The truth is, there is in fact a spirit at work in this popular practice. One that causes this disorderly, wildly ecstatic behavior we see that has spread like wild fire and it is not the Holy Spirit, but the Kundalini spirit.  I am working on a post (probably a series of posts) about the Kundalini spirit because it’s new age, mystic tentacles reach deep into so many of the modern day charismatic movements.

As for this post – please watch this short video which does a great job of summarizing with Biblical evidence why being “slain in the spirit” is no doubt unbiblical, but it does not touch on the Kundalini spirit.

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